Cedar Ridge Wholesale Distributor:

Cedar Ridge Wholesale Distributor was founded in 2003 as a fashion jewelry source for the retailer.

We service Drug Stores, Hallmark Stores, Hospital Gift  Shops, Clothing  Stores, Casino Gift Shops & a host of other retail locations.

We have a unique assortment of counter displays, most are refillable.  An outstanding assortment of hoops that are nickel free for sensitive ears.  A great selection of fashion earrings and a revolving group of 99 different necklaces that are carded for easy display.

We preprice all of our orders to save the retailer the labor & time. Our standard markup is cost times 2. We can price with the retail ending in 9 or 0 and we can price with UPC price labels for those that use point of sale.

We have no minimum order quantity other than some earrings & necklaces might be a 2 piece or 3 piece group for style or color.

We generally ship UPS with freight added to the invoice.

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